This Terrific Feeling   2018
oil on board in ceramic frame, 22 x 15cm 



 Gentle Assertions 2018
oil on board in ceramic frame, 45 x 45cm 

Left Over 2018
butterfly pea dye, pecan pigment and acrylic on swiss voile, jacaranda dust, [over arch] cotton dyed with alfalfa, avocado, pomegranate, jaboticaba and hibiscus, wire and ceramic frame, 80 x 40cm


Grasp the Nettle Exhibition Install View, 2018, Metro Arts 


Too Private to be Interesting     2018
earthenware vessel on plinth measured to artist’s height, pine needles and pecan pigment, 168 x 32 x 32cm


Gentle Assertions   2018
oil on board, ceramic frame and paper clay and wire, 45 x 45cm [Internal frame], 140 x 140cm [including external frame]




Three  2018
cotton with botanical dyes: pomegranate and iris root, 280 x 300 cm



Nine 2018
silk with botanical dyes: avocado and jacaranda, with wax weights coloured with beetroot, pecan, butterfly pea, and pink hibiscus, 270 x 300 cm



 Five  2018
cotton with botanical dyes: turmeric, alfalfa seeds, pomegranate and dandelion, 280 x 300 cm


Four  2018
silk with botanical dyes: black been infused with lavender and ceramic weights, 270 x 300 cm 




Two 2018                                                                 One 2018
cotton with botanical dyes: avocado, 400 x 280 cm   +      oil on canvas stitched into PVC panel, 450 x 290 cm